Wayne Parker

Wayne is an accomplished financial analyst, trader, editor and student of financial markets. He worked in the computer services, defense, and oil/gas sectors as an analyst for over 16 years.

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Andrew Sebastian

Andrew Sebastian is from New York and earned his Master’s in Economics at the University at Buffalo. Andrew is a financial economist and analyst that enjoys writing about various financial topics. He has been writing for the past year and is passionate about the markets and investing.

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David Becker

David Becker is a finance writer and consultant in Great Neck, N.Y. With more than 20 years of experience in trading, he runs a consulting business that focuses on energy hedging and capital market analysis. Becker holds a B.A. in economics. Becker also writes for and other leading financial publications.

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John Tzor

John Tzor is happily (and luckily) married to his beautiful wife Antonia.  Together they have one child, a baby boy named Pete who is named after John’s father.  John, or JT as he is known to his friends and family, is a bit of a poor man’s modern Renaissance man.  He has worked as a Realtor, Paralegal, Personal Trainer, and currently provides internet, online and offline marketing and consulting services to local small and mid-sized businesses, as well as continuing his personal fitness training practice.  JT also coaches and consults with business owners on how to grow their businesses, and has written and ghostwritten articles, children’s books, books on fitness and health, and on business development and success.  His interests include Science, History, Technology, Finance, Fitness, and Sports. Contact John at [email protected]

Steven R Brown

Steven Brown worked in management roles in the healthcare industry 20+ years and is now CEO of Quality Communication Solutions (QCS). He has degrees in Health Service Management, Communication, Government and Political Science. He is a sought-after writer and speaker in a variety of subject areas.

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Rebecca Hunt

Rebecca Hunt is a Certified Public Accountant turned media lark. She is a mother of four and enjoys teaching, reading and analysis. As a financial writer and editor at Finance Daily, she gets to do all those things.

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Chelsea Overton

Chelsea Overton has a degree in Spanish from the University of North Carolina at Wilmington. She lives in Ohio and works in Administration. She is currently undergoing a “Spending Freeze” where she only spends money on necessities for a year in order to pay off her student loan debt.