Twisted X Boots Review

With a footwear line-up that looks as ‘twisted’ as it can get, Twisted X is the go-to brand if you’re on the hunt for a pair of boots that will really stand out in a crowd. I went through the company’s extensive boot line-up to find out whether they offered more than just fancy looking footwear. So I did some digging, some reading, and a whole lot of research to come up with a clear idea of what they really bring to the table.


Beyond the frilly, intricate designs, I have to say that Twisted X offers some solid boot choices. Their work boots line-up is impressive, providing buyers with fun aesthetics you wouldn’t expect to see in footwear designed for the grind. Even then, the boots do well out on the field, providing ample support and protection to keep you going all day long.

If you’re interested in buying a pair of your own Twisted X’s, then keep on reading to find out which boots from this eccentric brand deserves a spot in your shopping cart.


A Wealth of Choices

Work boots, casual boots, mud boots? Twisted X has a boot design for everyone. The brand takes pride in its ability to cater to every discriminating taste. And they do so with their extensive line-up that features boots for nearly every occasion.


For those in search of something that can transition from work, to play, to outdoor fun, then options like the Twisted X All Around Boots are a premium choice. These boots boast a reinforced Genuine Super Slab Rubber outsole that curves upwards around the edges of the uppers for greater traction. They also use a hardy distressed leather shaft for durability and support. Of course, the aesthetic doesn’t scream Twisted X, but they do serve a worthy purpose around outdoor spaces.

If you’re more interested in finding a suitable casual boot to step up your style game, then there are a whole lot to choose from. A common favorite among buyers is the Ruff Stock Boot which comes in a variety of colorways. The Bomber Blue variation is especially handsome, offering superb performance on top of being a reliable everyday boot.

Handcrafted to Perfection

The fact that each boot is intricately and precisely handcrafted proves to be a main selling point for the brand. From the intricate designs to the flexible leather welts, the boots that they offer are made meticulously by hand. And I personally think that the effort shows.

The Floral Ruff Stock Cowgirl Square Toe Boot, for instance, boasts some very intricate stitching. Each flower was embroidered by hand. Taking a look at the end result, it’s easy to see how the attention to detail adds a touch of delicate personality to the boots on the overall. The Lite Cowboy Work Boot for men is another highly-detailed boot that boasts the brand’s unmatched dedication to providing unique aesthetics for their buyers.

Then of course, there are other choices that aren’t quite as detailed, but showcase their handcrafted perfection in other ways. The Lite Cowboy Safety Lacers are a prime example of just how much more durable shoes can be if they’re handcrafted with precision rather than manufactured by machines.

Industry Standard Work Boot Performance

Don’t let the fun aesthetics fool you – Twisted X work boots are just as good as any other you’ll find. The company makes an effort to marry form and function to provide buyers with choices that don’t only feed their love of fashion, but also offer decent performance for hard days on the job.

A crowd favorite is the Lite Neon Skull Cowboy Steel Toe Work Boot that comes in a daring design you’re not likely to find elsewhere. The durable, lightweight, and flexible silhouette come in a variety of striking neon colors with an embroidered skull. Orange trimmings that work down the uppers and around the soles add a touch of vibrant personality to the entire design and make the boot a definite unique find.

There are a variety of other colorways and patterns though, each with their own one-of-a-kind appeal. But across the board, all of these boots offer superb protection with their steel toes and solid uppers. Traction deserves some recognition, as well as the boots, come equipped with burly one-piece rubber lug soles that bite down hard on different types of terrain.

Breathable Boots That Are Light On Your Feet

Probably the hardest thing to find is a breathable, lightweight work boot that still offers the right support and protection. That’s because manufacturers often focus on riddling boot designs with different features and heavy materials that improve their ability to shield your feet, but ultimately end up sacrificing your comfort.

With the Twisted X line-up, that doesn’t seem to be a big issue. The brand was able to come up with a variety of boot designs that offer just the right support and protection without being too cumbersome on the feet. I was particularly drawn to the Ruff Stock Cowgirl Square Toe Boot. This model uses beautifully distressed lightweight leather and breathable fabric linings to keep your feet cool and dry for extended use.

The Calf Roper Boot is another impressively lightweight design that gives you the freedom to get around without the weight of a burly boot on your feet. Its lower height is ideal for those who don’t need full-length coverage, and its slightly wider shaft gives a lot of room for air to move around.

The Perfect Standard Everyday Boot

If you were looking for something you can use on the daily for dirty jobs around the house or in your garden, then the Distressed Saddle Casual Round Toe Boot should be on your list of candidates. This boot from Twisted X combines beautifully distressed saddle uppers with a thick rubber sole. Handcrafted with precision, these materials come together to give users a durable and comfortable design that works well in a variety of conditions.

The interior features a breathable leather lining, and the insoles are dense yet responsive, allowing ample support for the arches and curves of your feet. The shaft itself doesn’t hug the leg closely, but instead provides some space for breathability and movement. Flexibility wise, the materials are impressively forgiving, allowing lots of flexion and extension. This is also largely thanks to the leather welts which don’t provide much resistance against bending.

Despite being pliable, the boots do offer impressive support. They’re incredibly reliable when it comes to restricting lateral movements. So while natural flexion and extension are freely allowed, the boot’s structure prevents eversion and inversion to reduce the chances of injury.

Vibrant Colors Fade Over Time

After reading close to a hundred reviews, it seems the feature that sets Twisted X apart also poses as its only downside. Those colorful embroideries, fabrics, and overlays might look really pleasing at the start, but give it some time, and those colors will fade beyond restoration. This is especially true if you plan to use them as work boots and expose them to various challenging environments.

The problem with the materials used for the designs is that they don’t do so well against wear, so they end up looking used and beat up after a few months of exposure to moisture and frequent use. So if you were planning to buy the boots for their aesthetic appeal, I want to point out that they might not look the same way a few months after you pop them out of the box.

That said, anyone who wants to make sure the boots maintain their appearance should be ready to go the extra mile to maintain them. That includes avoiding demanding terrain. But with the kind of environments the boots were designed for, that might seem counterintuitive.

What’s Great About the Twisted X Boot Line-Up

  • Out-of-this-world aesthetics gives you a boot that will definitely have you standing out in any crowd.
  • Lightweight construction is easy on the feet, allowing you to move without the burden of a heavy boot weighing you down.
  • Handcrafted with precision so each piece showcases superior durability and attention to detail.
  • Lots of designs to choose from, fitting a variety of different purposes.
  • Breathable build allows air to freely pass through, maintaining a cool comfort at all times.
  • Dense yet responsive footbeds keep your feet fully supported.
  • Premium materials look beautiful and stand up gracefully against the tests of wear, tear, and time.

Some Possible Downsides

  • Colors, fabrics, and threads might not maintain their vibrant colors for long, betraying the brand’s main selling point as time goes by.

The Verdict

If we’re talking strictly about performance, then the boots from Twisted X are nothing short of impressive. Their designs offer everything you’d want or need in a work boot or a casual boot. They’re functional, comfortable, and durable, which are basically the three cornerstones that make a good boot.

Unfortunately, while the designs can push you to make the purchase, it’s worth keeping in mind that those energetic colors might not stay too long. That said, anyone interested in buying Twisted X boots for their aesthetic should manage their expectations. Nothing lasts forever – and with the intricate details of the Twisted X boot line-up, that remains to be true.