Tough as Old Boots – The New $130 Tank Xtreme 5.0

If there’s one thig to be said about American Smartphone company Blu, it’s that they’re going for it both barrels this year. They’ve both launched and announced the launch of a bunch of new devices, including precisely the kind of device the more butter-fingered types out there might want to consider. With a firm focus on functionality with as little fragility as possible, the Tank Xtreme 5.0 can withstand the kind of punishment that would wreck most phones – even those housed in the best cases around.

In terms of what the Tank Xtreme 5.0 delivers, it’s less about powerhouse performance and more about performance in the face of punishment. With full IP65 certification for dust protection and water-resistance, its robust and rugged properties are enhanced even further. That said, it hasn’t been designed to work or even survive if submerged completely in water. Instead, it’s more about being able to use it during the odd downpour, with wet hands or anywhere it could be in for a blast of water from any angle. Which is at least more than most devices these days offer…especially in this kind of price range.

Tough as Old Boots – The New $130 Tank Xtreme 5.0

As for the meat n’ gravy under the hood, processing power comes courtesy of MediaTek’s 1.3GHz quad-core MT6580 chipset, while the 5-inch touchscreen offers solid enough 720p visuals. There are two camera for snapping and selfies – both of which are semi-average 5-megapixel shooters. There’s 1GB of RAM, a pretty unimpressive 8GB of built-in storage space and a MicroSD card slot to add an extra 64GB, which you’ll probably have to do.

The manufacturer claims that with normal use, the sizable 3,000mAh battery will keep on running for up to two and a half days. Which isn’t hard to believe, given the modest specs and features. It does lose a bit of credit though by inexplicably landing with Android 6.0 under the hood, given the way in which the latest build has been up and about since last summer.

Still, it’s hard to give the Tank Xtreme 5.0 anything but generous Kudos, given the way in which it is up for grabs from as little as $130 via Amazon. And only via Amazon – that’s the only place you’ll find it right now, if you decide to pick one up.