Home Loans: Current Mortgage Rates at Commerce Bank Feb 16

Home Loans: Current  Mortgage Rates at Commerce Bank Feb 16The benchmark 30 year loan interest rates are on the books at 4.375% at Commerce Bank and an APR of 4.450% today.  The shorter term, popular 15 year FRM interest rates at the bank have been published at 3.375% and an APR of 3.504% today.  

10 year fixed rate mortgage interest rates are 3.125% with an APR of 3.311% today.  The best 20 year loans are being offered for 4.125% carrying an APR of 4.227% today.  

As far as ARMs go, 5 year interest rates have been offered at 3.125% at Commerce yielding an APR of 3.030% at the beginning of the loan.  The 7 year ARM loans have been offered at 3.500% currently and APR of 3.234%.  

Stock Market Movement Today

Rates usually change with mortgage related bond prices which sometimes move with the stock market.  Stocks waned by close today putting the DOW at 15,337.70 up -0.73%.  

For today at least the bank were in synch with the trading pattern of the day.  On the topic of stocks, Commerce’s own stock increased to 45.33 up +0.49%.