Quicken Loans 30 and 15 Year Mortgage Rates Today Aug 27 2013

Quicken Loans 30 and 15 Year Mortgage Rates Today Aug 27 2013The best 30 year fixed rate loan interest rates are published at 2.99% at Quicken Loans carrying an APR of 3.141% today.  The short term, popular 15 year loan interest rates are listed at 4.50% at the bank yielding an APR of 4.759% today.  

The 7/1 ARM loans start at 3.50% currently yielding an APR of 3.884% to start.  

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Standard 30 year refinance loan deals are available starting at 2.99% at Quicken carrying an APR of 3.141% .  The shorter term 15 year refi loans are listed at 4.50% today and an APR of 4.759% .  The 7/1 ARM loans are coming out at 3.50%  with a starting APR of 3.884% .  

Mortgage interest rates move with market traded MBS prices that follow stock market motions.  Overall markets waned by close today to leave the DOW at 15,337.70 down -0.73%.  

Not surprisingly Quicken tracked with the market’s performance.  

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